Basic principles of toxicology, toxicology of the immune system, relevance to immunosafety


We are delighted that you have chosen to enhance your educational journey in immuno-safety science by enrolling in this module. The "Basic principles of toxicology of the immune system, relevance to immuno-safety" lecture is one of a series of 18 lectures included in the Introduction to Immuno-Safety Science module and is led by Dr. Marc Pallardy at the Universite Paris-Saclay. Please review the learning objectives below for more information on what you will learn in this lecture. 
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Target Audience

This course is intended for the science professional or graduate student looking to learn the fundamental science and key considerations that are examined in immune safety assessment. Advanced topics and courses that take a deeper dive into specific scientific areas will be offered and recommended for the more experienced scientist with a firm grasp of the information highlighted in the introduction module.

Learning Objectives

  • Toxicology: Definition
  • Main mechanisms of toxicity
  • The concept of expected, not unexpected, or unexpected effects
  • Toxicology of the immune system
    • What is immunotoxicology?
    • Main mechanisms
Course summary
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  • 1.00 Participation
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Marc Pallardy
Universite Paris-Saclay

Available Credit

  • 1.00 Participation


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