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Welcome to the Health and Environmental Science Institute e- learning site.

We congratulate you on your decision  to expand and complement your current knowledge in applied human health and environmental toxicology.  The information provided in our courses, webinars, live workshop and lectures is  designed to encourage responsible consumption and generation of data to address today's most pressing healthy and safety challenges. 

We are thrilled to formally launch our site with the now on-demand, subscription based Immuno-safety training course- starting with the " Introduction to Immuno-Safety Science" module. 

What you should expect from the ITC training course...



In this course the learner will be introduced to the basic principles of immunosafety science through a collection of mini lectures ranging from  -  learning the basic principles of toxicology , toxicology of the immune system and relevance to immunosafety to regulatory consideration with a host of other related topics in between.

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     ​​​​Therapeutic Modalities      Regulatory Considerations       ​​​​​​Toxicities


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